As Greg Sargent and Paul Waldman point out in the Washington Post, Trump’s recent uptick in public approval is historically tiny under the circumstances and really should cause him more concern than comfort. The American people are always reticent to criticize their leaders during a crisis, and I’ve heard plenty of liberals recently suggesting that they’re rooting for Trump to do his job. I find this incredibly confounding, since there’s zero chance he will do his job, but that doesn’t prevent a few people who are normally vocally unhappy with him from tamping that sentiment down in surveys.

Enough people still hate Trump to make it a huge uphill climb for him to win reelection, and nearly every potential voter against him can see that he’s a blithering sociopathic idiot who has and continues to completely blunder the nation’s pandemic response.

It’d be nice if people told the pollsters what they really think, but right now there are some that are going more on hope than experience.

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